Tuesday night in the Octagon at Ely Cathedral was awesome. I’m still unable to properly form words about it, so I made a comic thing to express my fangirling (Gaiman is my favourite, so if you did not already know that, you do now…)

We were also so far back in the signing queue that it was names only (no dedications). His hand must have been on fire by the end.

The last four pictures are the ones I gave him (on blank postcards, so there’s a front and a back). I had only just inked it last minute (oops) when I had left the house, but the wait for joining the queue for signing was long enough that I could attack the pictures with watercolours. I hope they look okay :)

Link to the #draweveryday page: http://crackninja.tumblr.com/post/58832163661/sooooo-happy-got-to-meet-neil-gaiman-at-ely

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