Hey I'm curious to get your opinion on your tumblr. fame. As in how do you think it came about, how has it impacted your life and what do you with to achieve with it.


because a good proportion of humanity is obsessed with fame and celebrity culture
and it has no impact my life because i am not tumblr famous and i have no desire to be
i’m guessing you mean ‘what do you wish to achieve with it’
achieve with what? my “”“”fame”“”“” urgh no, having a few followers on tumblr isnt tumblr fame, the whole tumblr fame thing is ridiculous 
i hate celebrity culture
so nothing..
i’m just blogging along doing my own thing and people happen to like it 
tumblr fame means nothing
this is also why i hate blogs that self promo
why are you trying so hard to be popular 
it’s embarrassing
i think i saw a post on here along the lines of “being tumblr famous is like being on the popular table in the cafeteria of a mental health hospital”
never been part of the whole ‘i follow back :)’ thing or follow trains or promo 4 promo shit like even when i had like 50 followers, never been bothered and i think it’s stupid